Master Programs

HIMS Offers Master Program i.e. M.Sc Ultrasound, M.Sc Clinical Psychology and MPH.

Bachelor Programs

B.S (Hons) Program i.e. Laboratory, Dental, Cardiology, Radiology, Doctor of Physical Therapy etc

F.Sc Medical Technologies

The first Institute in the province, introduces F.Sc Medical Technologies.

Diploma Medical Technician

Offers different Two Years Diploma Medical Technician Programs affiliated with KPK Medical Faulty.

Basic Ultrasound

Basic Ultrasound is 45 Days, 3 and 6 Months Course which include theoritical and practical training.

Short Courses

1 Year Short Course Programs in Health, Pathology, Dental, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy etc.

Female Medical Technician

Introduce Female Medical Technician Program, 2 Year Diploma Program affiliated with Medical Faculty.

LHV / Gynea Technician

2 Years LHV/Gynea Technician Program

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Hafeez of Medical Science offers the following Master, Bachelore , F.Sc Medical Technologies Programs and Diploma Courses..

Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences Facilitation Centers.